Many are wondering what it means, glucose in the urine. With an increased concentration of glucose in the urine, one can assume a hidden course of pathology or a predisposition to certain diseases. The kidneys are unable to process sugar and excrete it in the urine.

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What does it mean - glucose in the urine, everyone should know.

This condition is called glucosuria and is the criterion by which the success of the fight against diabetes is determined. The maximum rate of glucose in the urine of Furadantin pills. Above this rate, in-depth tests should be carried out. Pediatricians send children for repeated laboratory analysis, according to the results of which it will be possible to understand whether this is a pattern or an accident.

Adolescent Therapy

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Additional criteria for diagnosing an acetone crisis in a child are: The urge to vomit is stereotyped and specific. The intervals between episodes are the same, as are the intensity and duration of the vomiting. In this case, the seizures themselves can stop spontaneously. Before the urge to vomit, there is nausea, pain in the abdomen, pain in the head. Weakness, lethargy and fear of light. The diagnosis is made after diabetic ketoacidosis, which is a complication of nitrofurantoin pills mellitus, is excluded, as well as an acute surgical disease of the gastrointestinal tract, for example, appendicitis or peritonitis. In addition, diagnostic measures should exclude neurosurgical disorders such as encephalitis, meningitis, cerebral edema, as well as poisoning and infectious diseases.

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Treatment of nitrofurantoin crisis in children.

If there is a suspicion of this pathology in a child, he should be immediately hospitalized for therapy in a hospital setting. The patient is provided with a balanced diet, including a large amount of easily digestible carbohydrates and plenty of fluids. Meals should be frequent and fractional, which will normalize metabolic processes. The same goes for drinking. Basic principles of therapy.

Geriatric Care

Treatment of generic nitrofurantoin syndrome in a child occurs in compliance with the following principles:

Etiotropic treatment is prescribed according to indications and includes taking antibiotics and antiviral agents. If the content of acetone in the urine is moderate, and the acetone crisis is not accompanied by significant dehydration of the body, disturbances in water and electrolyte balance, and unstoppable vomiting, treatment will include oral rehydration, diet and taking prokinetics at a dosage prescribed for the patient's age. Therapy for the acetone crisis initially involves the elimination of symptoms. Supportive care will help reduce the chance of nitrofurantoin later on. Carrying out infusion therapy.

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Infusions contain easily digestible carbohydrates, which are metabolized in an insulin-independent way. Before starting infusion therapy, it is necessary to provide access to the veins, as well as assess the indicators of water-electrolyte and acid-base balance and hemodynamics of the body. What does the diet for acetone crisis in children imply?

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The main indications for infusion therapy in the case of an acetone crisis are: Repeated and persistent urge to vomit that does not stop after taking prokinetic drugs. Identification of microcirculation and hemodynamic disorders.

Symptoms of impaired consciousness. Manifested by a coma or stupor. Moderate or severe dehydration of the body. Decompensated form of metabolic ketoacidosis with an increased anion gap. The presence of difficulties of a functional or anatomical type during oral rehydration. This may be due to abnormal development of the oral cavity or facial skeleton, as well as neurological disorders.

The following products are subject to absolute exclusion from the child's diet:

Infusion therapy allows: Quickly stop dehydration, improve microcirculation and perfusion. The composition of infusions includes an alkalizing solution, which speeds up the process of restoring the level of plasma bicarbonates.

Sour cream of any fat content.

Rice porridge, soup based on vegetable broth, and mashed potatoes should definitely be included in the child's diet. If the signs of a crisis do not return within one week, the gradual introduction of lean meat, herbs, vegetables, crackers is allowed into the diet.

If the symptoms of acetonemic syndrome return, you can adjust the diet at any time. If an unpleasant odor appears in the mouth, it is necessary to drink as much liquid as possible in small portions. On the first day of hospitalization, the child should not be given anything other than rye crackers. The next day, a baked apple is added to the eye and a decoction of rice. It is not recommended to complete the diet immediately after the elimination of symptoms.

The prognosis for a child with an acetone crisis is generally favorable.

It is necessary to adhere to the indicated therapeutic diet strictly for one week. After this period, you can add vegetable soups, biscuits or boiled rice. Depending on the condition of the child, buckwheat, boiled vegetables and fresh fruits are gradually introduced into the diet.

As they grow older, closer to puberty, the organs of the child's digestive system are finally formed, and the syndrome goes away on its own.

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