iMovie for Windows: 6 Best Alternatives for PC in 2022

iMovie for WindowsiMovie is a popular video editing program designed specifically for Apple devices. The program is well-known for its simplicity in use and intuitive interface. Any MacOS user can easily edit videos and create video projects using this program. The need of iMovie for Windows is very high thanks to this product’s popularity among the Mac users. It has a huge ton of followers, and using this program, you can create and edit videos to a professional standard. But what about Windows users? Are there any alternatives of iMovie app for would-be video editors with a Windows computer or tablet, for example?

Of course! You can find a host of quality free video editing software for PC that easily rival, and often surpass the features or iMovie. If you want to start creating and editing videos, we have gathered five of the best video editor alternatives to iMovie for Windows – enjoy!

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6 Best Free Registry Cleaners for Windows in 2022

Free Registry Cleaners 2019The Windows registry is a vast database that stores low-level settings for your OS along with all software and hardware on your PC. Registry cleaner software is a tool that can safely and effectively clear the registry of the unneeded files and data. Here’s some information on how registry cleaners work.

When a program is uninstalled from a PC, its registry entry should theoretically be removed, too. Although it doesn’t always work like that. Eventually, the Windows registry can become bogged down with unwanted and unnecessary entries and files that clog up the system. Luckily, there are many free registry cleaners that will manage it automatically and give you plenty of other features besides.

A lot of free registry cleaner tools promise to optimize your PC, to make it faster and more efficient, and to remove any errors found in the registry. Nonetheless, cleaning the registry alone will not boost performance, but many programs provide additional tools such as drive cleaners, startup program managers, RAM cleaners, and more.

We are going to review the best free registry cleaners for Windows we found on the market. Our selections include programs simply dedicated to cleaning the registry and others that also provide PC maintenance tools.

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All You Need to Know about WebM Format

All you need to know about WebMWebM format was first introduced by Google in 2010. Since this video format is based on the Matroska container, it manages to support great video quality. As for the audio streams, it supports Vorbis audio. WebM format is initially designed for web as this format is supported in HTML5. The video streams of this format are compressed using VP8 or VP9 video codecs. Our support team receives many questions concerning WebM as it is the default output format in Icecream Screen Recorder. Therefore, we decided to write this review in an attempt to answer all of the most asked questions about WebM.

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Top 5 VLC Alternative Media Players of 2022

Top 5 VLC alternatives In this article we’re going to review the most popular VLC alternatives available on the market. Follow along to see if there are any decent media players that you might try out.

Watching movies and series or playing other random videos on our PC is something that we all do every now and then. We surely need a proper video playback software for that. One of the most popular apps for playing all kinds of video media files is VLC Media Player but more and more users try to find something that’ll be better than VLC. Why so?

It indeed has some downsides. It looks outdated and it is prone to minor bugs such as with text encoding or playback windows. Additionally, some external codecs need tweaking before they can be viewed on it.

If your experience with VLC media player wasn’t really great at some point, you may be looking for an alternative to VLC. When something is as popular as VLC media player it might be hard to find a replacement but we got you. Here is our selection of the best 5 VLC alternatives.

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10 Best Free Video Editing Software of 2022

Free Video Editing SoftwareIf you want to edit your videos or combine images and video or merge video content, you will need a full featured and all-in-one video editing software. There are so many different programs of this type today that you just need to figure out which one works best for you. A video editor should not only support video files but image and audio files as well. Moreover, if you plan to work on your media content periodically, the program’s interface should be user-friendly and intuitive. We checked about two dozen of tools and are ready to provide you with the list of the best video editing software below.

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8 Best Free Malware Removal Tools 2022

Best Free Malware Removal toolsCyber attacks are increasing in frequency and severity, which means that using malware protection for your PC is more important than it has ever been. Most of us keep our important information on a computer, so knowing how to get rid of malware when it appears would protect your privacy, save you time and money, and keep your digital activity productive.

State-of-art online virus scan software and malware removal tools are truly powerful these days, so we’ve gathered the best free virus scan software that are available to download in 2022. Our list names the top tools for stopping, managing, and removing spyware, adware, malware, and other kinds of viruses.

Each virus removal program featured in our list is trustworthy and was tested by us to meet the highest standards. The malware protection software included is named among best antivirus software for Windows Home users by AV-Test, which independently assesses anti malware software based on protection, performance, and usability.

Most of the malware protection programs here are also award members of AV-Comparatives, a nonprofit that seeks to highlight the quality of antivirus software. The only exception is Malwarebytes, which is not included by AV-Test or AV-Comparatives. That’s because the company doubts the validity of independent tests where malware removal tools are subjected to a barrage of zero-day attacks.

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How to Open DjVu Files on your PC

How to Open DjVu FilesDjVu is a file format that is primarily used for storing scanned documents. In the following guide we will check how to open DjVu on Windows PC using 7 best electronic book readers.

DjVu is popular thanks to the high level of compression it offers — the same files in PDF format will take up much more space than one in DjVu. It’s not just scanned documents that can be kept in DjVu but plenty of eBooks can also be downloaded in this format. No doubt, the compact size of DjVu files is a huge advantage, however, it’s actually a bit problematic to open DjVu files since only specific programs can do that. Worries aside, we have reviewed how to open DjVu files using various free programs. Take a look and choose your perfect DjVu reader.

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8 Best PDF Editor for Windows 2022

Best PDF Editor for Windows 2016

First of all, can you even edit a PDF? This file format is a solid one and originally it is not supposed to be changed. Nonetheless, you can do that with a reliable PDF Editor although this seems to be a tricky task. If you have the right PDF programs at hand, there shouldn’t be any difficulties with editing a PDF file. The problem is that finding a decent service that corresponds to your needs might be more complicated than it first seems.

Some PDF editors are great for documents containing text, others would be quite helpful when it comes to working with graphic elements of PDF files. We’ve tested quite a few PDF editors for Windows to help you find the PDF editing software that fully satisfies your demands.

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The Best Tax Software 2022

Best Tax SoftwareYou’ve probably heard of the saying “Nothing is certain except death and taxes.” That’s right, we all have to know how to file taxes even if it is a frustrating job. Tax software is a special type of programs or services that will help you out with tax return.

It’s not just about putting numbers on a sheet. There are dozens of different types of taxes – income, housing, child, unemployment, paid leave, etc. Each of them has to be calculated. Then you need to add deductions. How do I do my tax prep? How do I file my taxes? What if I already paid tax on unemployment? It is a very stressful task.

One miscalculation in tax preparation could mean big legal issues for months. But there is a way to make this process quick and painless. That is by using tax software!

We have picked and reviewed the best tax software in 2022 for you to help you with your tax preparation.

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10 Best Dating Apps of 2022

Best Dating Apps of 2016Dating apps is one of the best solutions for modern people to connect. We all are busy working, learning new things, trying out new hobbies, and making our life complete but we can’t help but wish to find someone to… well, what for was it again? At least a half online dating users aren’t actually searching for a commitment and don’t really want to find someone to have a big loving family with when uploading such apps.

Before the pandemic, we used to use the dating apps to actually go out on dates, to meet someone new when abroad, to visit a nice exhibition together with an art aficionado, to grab a drink, or simply to chat. During pandemic, we were left with the last option but it helped people unite, be that romantic interaction or just a random friendly talk. Check out our review of the best dating apps of 2022.

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